Cake Gallery

Here are some photos of cupcakes and larger cakes made by Holly's Cakery. We are available for events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more! Just drop us an email or call us to discuss options, ideas and prices. To view our range of flavours, please visit our 'buy cupcakes online' page.


Wedding cupcakes 

Bride cupcakeBridesmaid cupcakewedding trio cupcakesBlue lace with rose cupcakePink heart lace cupcakegold heart cupcakepiped rose cupcakepiped lace cupcakered rose cupcakei do cupcakelove

Baby cupcakes

baby girl print cupcaketeddy bear babybaby dressbaby pram mouldbaby bottle mouldpink baby cupcakebaby bootiesbaby prambaby facebaby bottle


Vintage and flower cupcakes

Quilted cupcakeSugarpaste rose cupcakeButtons cupcakeBow cupcakeRose cupcakeCarnation cupcakeStrawberry and chocolate cupcakeQuilted chocolate cakeVanilla swirlRose cupcakestencil flower cupcake

Cupcakes for him



Animal cupcakes

The Jungle Range - TigerThe Jungle Range - LionThe Jungle Range - GiraffeThe Jungle Range - Zebra stripesThe Jungle Range - MonkeyThe Jungle Range - ElephantLadybird cupcakePig cupcakeChick cupcakeSheep cupcakeCow cupcakeowlgoldfish

Character cupcakes

belle Crown cupcakeninja turtle 1ninja turtle 2Spiderman cupcakeAngry bird cupcakeMonsters Inc cupcakesullyPirate cupcakeminion cupcake minion 2 cupcakepurple minionelmo cupcakecookie monster cupcakebig bird cupcakegreen sesame cupcakeeeyore cupcakeWinnie the Pooh cupcakeTigger cupcakepiglet cupcakebeehive cupcakehunny pot cupcakepokeballpikachuminniemickeypeppacaterpillar

Summer party cupcakes

summer flowers cupcakeflip flop cupcakebeach towel cupcakebikini cupcakesun cupcakeMojito cupcakePina Colada cupcake



rainbow cupcakeharryalicestamps and caeroplanemusicgravitykarate

Giant cupcakes and larger cakes

westie giantchoc giantyellow 70thpink 70thblossom giantlas vegas giantshopkins cupcakecamouflagepink giantpostmanchristeningyellow dogsplaneblue jakeflowers3 tier naked cakechocolate minionshirt cakelearner cakedrip cake

Cupcake towers

40thbeachbutterflywedding tower


Previous projects

choc selectionsjgwrhappy birthdaycaptain americap and phjminecraftvintagediy 40horsesprincessesninja turtlesbabyfrozen 1frozen 2mum 1mum 2gift boxpink and blue minispeppa setthailandhbgbkarate setdaisy pig4 flowerjunglemix n matchMonique'ssea themeturquoisesnookervegas